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Let Our Dedicated Lawyers Help Guide You

The business challenges facing health systems and hospitals can sometimes be as complicated and complex as rendering the actual medical care. Hospital administrators must properly balance the needs of patients and staff against the rising costs of healthcare and the demand for more services at an afford rate.

Regulatory agencies, local governments, and patients will be quick to point out your mistakes or errors in running managing your facility. Many times these mistakes could be costly and result in avoidable lawsuits.

Some of the most common issues that our experienced lawyers at MBB+M can help handle for you include the following:

  • Department of Public Health (DPH) investigations
  • Peer Review issues
  • Electronic records issues
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliance or legal challenges, including breach notification and management
  • Employment and credentialing issues
  • Responses to subpoenaed providers and records
  • Handling medical malpractice claims and risk minimizing or risk avoidance
  • Drafting, amending, and ensuring compliance with policies and procedures
  • Enforcement of statutory charitable cap on charitable healthcare facilities
  • Expansion of services, and
  • Any other issues and challenges facing health systems and hospitals.