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For Your General Litigation Needs, MBB+M is the Experienced Choice in Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island

Whether you are seeking to enforce your legal rights or have to defend them, the way your lawyer presents your case both in paper pleadings and in front of a judge or jury is crucial to obtaining the justice you are entitled to under the law.   If you find yourself in court, call our trial-tested lawyers at McCarthy Bouley Barry + Morgan for the experienced help that you need.

Types of General Litigation Claims We Handle

Whether you are a health system or hospital, local business, or national corporation, we can help solve your general litigation needs. Some of the types of general litigation claims that we can handle for you include the following:

Medical Care Setting Matters

Outside of a medical malpractice setting, our experienced lawyers can handle general litigation needs arising in a medical setting such as the following:

  • Falls in a hospital
  • Construction accidents or damage to facilities
  • Defamation, libel, slander, or other false-light torts against a facility
  • Other general litigation issues for hospitals and general practice businesses.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The two main types of ADR are arbitration (binding result) or mediation. With the rising costs of litigation and a truly overburdened court system, ADR is a cost-effective alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation. This means that our experienced lawyers can often resolve your case through ADR in a faster and less expensive manner than taking a case to trial.

General Litigation Claims Outside of a Medical Care Setting

We also handle non-medical care setting cases requiring the expertise of a seasoned trial attorney or appellate lawyer. We can handle disputes for individuals or businesses requiring experienced representation arising out of other general litigation matters.